Sapņu pasaule -

vieta, kur nav robežu starp iztēli unrealitāti; kur var iekāpt un būt kā svešais, tā savējais, gan vidē, kas ir labi pazīstama, gan vidē, kur viss šķiet netverams. Saruna starp diviem svešiniekiem. Es aicinu skatītāju ielūkoties manā iztēlē un pieredzēt to, kā top mākslas darbs. 






What if I create a story and not finish it...? Just like reading a book and not knowing what will happen next. Then, close the book just before the next chapter and let the story continue living in our fantasies.


I have always thought that memories fly. Sometimes they 'sit down' in our minds, sometimes they go crazy and fly from one side to another. Some of these memories happened for a moment - they quickly arise and then faded away. Some stay forever.




What's real and what's re-imagined? I can't really answer this question, nor I doubt I ever will. But what I can do -




take some out from my mind and make alive again. Just for a moment.




then there is a question, that appears - Will I perceive it again as I remember or think I remember it, Or transform and make it look as I want?












































The Pokaini Forest is located 80km south-west of Riga, Latvia near the small town Dobele. It is a very special and strange place that many consider to be strong anomalous zone and has long been shrouded in legends and myths. Some people say the place was once an ancient healing centre or an old pagan sanctuary, and it's now frequented by psychics and channelers to boost their energetic charges.


There are rocks assembled around 30 hills in a particular sequence and frankly no-one really knows where they came from. Archaeologists who conducted excavations at the site discovered no burials, so the boulders must have been placed for some other unknown reason. People have attributed special powers to the stones.


Some historians argue that the stones were removed from the field and brought there by peasants. Others say that stones were needed for the construction of the castle, which had never been built, but there is no evidence for this. There are incredible stories about mysterious hidden objects under the rocks, a gateway to a parallel world as well as reports of sightings of mysterious lights haunting the woods