'Meditation in Blue' is a deep sea exploration through words and moving images that is meant to induce a relaxed state of mind, give the audience a bit of time to clear the clutter from ones head and enjoy the purely visual nature of the piece.


In collaboration with poet Toms Dumpis



      1. Memory Collector (Time)


There's always this tick tock tick tock of a time...


The part of our lives that is unseen yet tangible through the memory in a human body. I can hear the sound and I try to learn it bit by bit. 


I close my eyes. And draw a line. And I draw them hours and hours and hours and hours. They are so calm and I just fade away. My mind forgets where it is. My body is loose, and I start to move. Everywhere. I am looking for feelings and I follow the lines. They will keep me alive. Bizzare though. Such a bizzare thing to say.




What's your name?


Who are you?


Where do you come from?


And what do you think about when you listen to music?




Hello Again, 


You see. It's this way. I live inside memories. Call me an outsider. I don't notice that. I just float. I wonder how people grow up. Dream. Expectations. Society. Dream. Check check check. My name is Margarita and I am memory collector. Why? I think life is music. Life is small moments of music and light inside an album. The cover is a chapter and I would never want to leave this utopian world. This paradise that's in my head if only that would be possible. Going back. To the pure state of a child's mind. Just // floating //




Well; why do people change? And dance in their minds? They always want to be part of something. Something bigger. they want to belong to someone. It's the innocent child that wants to hold mothers' arm. Love. Seeking for Love. The other half. The fate. We all try yo recreate something. 

What's that feeling when the room suddenly disappears and your body boils from the passion and you get high from your emotions and almost feel you're too connected with the body and inner thoughts? 


Summer.Ir tik viegli mīlēt vasarā 'citāts no dziesmas'. I think it's because of the D vitamin. Somehow sun makes poeple crazy. It's important to see and feel and touch the colours of summer. And again, I think of a colour yellow and green. It's Space. Safe zone. Safe space safe zone. Home.




And what do you think about when you go to sleep? Or when you have spare time right before you meet your friends?


I'm just looking for myself. Es eju pakaļ savai laimei.



      2. Perlamutras Sapnis


Dedicated to my summer house in Majori and beautiful nature in Latvia


The life in summer is magical. The time stops. And the only thing that exists in mind is the dream about future.








Find an interview and fragment of the stop motion here





Still life drawings from the moving image 'In Between'
part1 'Memory Collector' 
part2 'Perlamutras Sapnis'