Usually performed by illustrators, a 'concert dessiné' or 'drawn concert' is a live screening of the making of a drawing accompanied by live sound.



'Four Hands Meet' is an experimental take on the traditional concert dessiné where twelve carefully paired visual and / or audio artists come together to reiterate the concept in their own terms.

Distance Drawing is a collaborative project together with Sarah-Athina Nahas and I that is produced during the time of self-isolation and translates artists continuing working in a crisis.


Investigating drawing in our practices, with this ongoing project, we are bringing to you both of our universes of collaborative drawing. Being separated, either in London-Riga, Lebanon-Riga, London-Lebanon, we are trying to create a virtual bridge and visually merge our drawings together to create one complete work.


While drawing simultaneously, we wish to connect two stories while anticipating where the other person might place elements of the drawing.

































Find our interview about the project and the full video 'In Limbo' here




Live sound by Noel Kan



In Limbo


When your head spins around





And Around

It becomes




Such a simple shape for such a complicated mechanism.


A picture to imagine - Calm room; corner; swinging horse-cahir; Persona 1:

Hands moves within the action and pets your own hair. Just like mother used to do. Such a satisfying


feeling feeling feeling emotional feelings.






They stay and fill the room of tension on the side, to watch and comment on you. 



As a distant viewer



becoming your own personal trainer that knows the best. Or at least, thinks that way. Giving compliments about the joy and bringing up past events for the desert for dinner monologues.


Emotions likes to talk but not always they need a partner for that. Motion. Action.




The circus of life with sentimental colors and 


Intimite hours of sleep and self awarness just before opening the eyes from the awakening. 


Just please, don’t forget yourself.




Quarantine schedule for day 51.