Live sound by Noel Kang, 2020

Distance Drawing is a collaborative project between Sarah-Athina Nahas and Margarita Loze that is produced during the time of self-isolation and translates artists continuing working in a crisis.


Investigating drawing in our practices, with this ongoing project, we are bringing together our universes of collaborative drawing. Being separated, either in London-Riga, Lebanon-Riga, London-Lebanon, we are trying to create a virtual bridge and visually merge our drawings to create one complete work.


While drawing simultaneously, we wish to connect two stories while anticipating where the other person might place elements of the drawing.
























Distance Drawing

Fourhandsmeet / Concert Dessiné

Fourhandsmeet is a project that is centred around a performative approach of drawing as well as an active conversation with live sound. It focuses on seeing the act of drawing not as a static image that comes from a hidden process, but on the contrary it unveils the very processes that built an image.

Live sound by James Bertie, 2021