My work is centred around the curiosity for self-exploration, identity, existence in space and time, nostalgia and building intimacy. Looking from observer point of view, I am investigating daydreaming and story telling as a conflict between rational and irrational, between self-adjustment and self-sacrifice. Escaping the world and isolating from the world. 


Loneliness as a subject, imagination and memories as medium, my aim is to capture the human emotional spirit, alienation and create an atmospheric dialogue between the work and the viewer while activating sensorium senses such as sound, touch, aroma and perception. 



With the use of transparent paper for drawings, paintings, projections, moving-image, the fragility of the paper, creates sensitive, poetic and spacial dimension where all the used layers can be seen through one another. They can exist on their own right as a finished work or can show independent details through various layers and occur new constructed territory opening up new observations. Just as melancholy from the past, living in mind all together with day-to-day life. 



How is theatre different than life? Does it show the documentation of the moment, silence or the act? 


I try to find the line between and blend together the real material world and the spiritual imagination world usually with no narrative but analyses of the specific movement or noting down moments from my own experience.  







Multidisciplinary artist from Riga, based in London