kutikuti (dragged)

My work is centred around the themes of existence in time and space, phenomenology, melancholia and human interpersonal relationships. I analyse Film Poetry, which I view as a mode of self-discovery. Figures central to my interests include Maya Deren for her unconscious disjointed poetic cinema and Gaston Barchelard’s writings on space. Also, I investigate C.G.Jung book ‘The Red Book’, where I am particularly interested in a method of ‘Active Imagination’. I am motivated to explore daydreaming via forms of storytelling. My aim is to create a sensory and emotive experience that documents unconsciousness without demanding an explanation. 


Through utilising found objects, drawings, moving image and textiles, I use space as a theatrical stage where my practice expands within its form. This allows for atmospheric dialogue between the work and its viewer whilst activating a sense of immersion into the work. Projecting imagination upon subjects and locating my own personal memories as a tool of research, I explore subjective observation and poetic themes where the outcome is a visual wondering of poetry within moving image. I work intuitively and experimentally, letting the process guide my decisions. I use transparent paper as a surface, clear fabric for embroidery and paint as an extension of drawing, because when layered together, they create a visual obliteration - a portal into the impossible and fantastical.


The inanimate entities, glimpses into memories and my personally rendered realities illustrate an intimate journey through an incoherent and infinite world of perception. My practice opens up space for questions relating to awareness, the unknown and the conflict between subjection and objection.