I believe that objects hold something more than just their physical appearance and are full of their own timeless tales. By attaching ourselves to certain objects, some hold them throughout their life-time, and this glorification can turn them into sacral and significant attributes. I collect objects myself and are fascinated by their adaptable yet temporal value.


My interest is shaped towards unravel of storytelling of abandoned objects and an understanding of ourselves through objects. Considering the many pasts items hold, that will never be fully known, I fantasise about the possibilities, and try to give them another life of this present moment - either by adding a layer of my own work, or by implicating them within different environments. 


I find inspiration in myths from different cultures, people biographies, frescos in churches, compositions in illustrations from the 'Books of Hours', my own memories and daydreams, and walks in nature, where I look at the birds and flowers. I note down perceptions and invent stories to further visually portrait them. I work interdisciplinary as every media teaches me something about the material I use. Where the drawing is the starting-point, I then, occupy spaces with embroideries in found books and picture frames, apply paint on canvas or draw on transparent paper. I also make stop motion, where I want to draw the attention to our ability as humans to visualise and interpret narratives just from hearing a sound or seeing a detached imagery.


I am attracted by plays at theatres, and by the odd sets in Sergei Parajanov films. That gravitates me toward installing the work as a puzzle in the space, where the audience is invited there to wander. With displaying the work in this way, I think about who is the owner of an object and how our voices are shaped from collective understandings to personal opinions.


As I often use metaphors, that shapes a poetic element of dreaminess throughout all the work, where I aim to navigate through the various ways of experiencing the world - through the fantasy, belief and the factual.



Margarita studied Form Textile Design at Riga School of Art and Design in Latvia, before graduating BA(Hons) in Fine Art, Painting, at UAL Wimbledon College of Arts. She is currently enrolled in MFA Fine Art at Kingston School of Art. In 2022, she was selected for Venice Fellowships Programme for 59h Internation Art Exhibition, la Biennale de Venezia, 2022 to develop her proposed project while living in Venice and stewarding the British Pavilion for a duration of one month.